Live Today

A 3 paragraph sermon I had to recently give in my preaching class, it is based off of Matthew 6:

We want to live a good story, an adventure. It’s why a good book or a good movie moves us, isn’t it? We want to be like them and yet we see how our lives are often pale in comparison. Our inbox fills with bills, our relationships lose their luster, our days fade to weeks – and we get overwhelmed by this desire to live.

Do not worry. Friends, Do not worry about anything but that which is in front of you. Can you not hear the birds and see that God takes care of them – remember the fields of summer and how God helps them to grow. Do you not trust that God is with you even more so? Live the life He has put before you, engage today because there is enough to be done right now.

Jesus ushered in a new way of life and somehow we believe that this is not enough to strive after. We see the pain in a crying infants face and we feel the exhaustion of overtime hours and a short night’s rest; all which make us easily forget the reality that the His Kingdom is bursting forth. Here. Now. What might it look like for us to join in? To extend grace and love, to work honestly, to be fully present in the moment at hand – for this is the life Christ invites us into – to live today.

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